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Looking for Summer deals? Shop EVERYTHING discounted now!
Looking for Summer deals? Shop EVERYTHING discounted now!


National Safety Apparel/Enespro AG-ACDC50 AG Safety Voltage Detector Kit IN STOCK

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Original price $7,624.07
Original price $7,624.07 - Original price $7,624.07
Original price $7,624.07
Current price $6,930.97
$6,930.97 - $6,930.97
Current price $6,930.97
AG Safety Arcguard ACDC Voltage Detector Kit AG-ACDC50 | $3,759.97 No Sales Tax and Free Shipping | Lowest Price Guaranteed!  6 IN STOCK for Rapid FREE Shipping from NSA to you. No Tax Anywhere 


The world’s first genuine DC non-touch voltage detector.  Kit includes DC tester, AC tester, batteries and charger, padded hard metal carry case, and air pump

  • Lowest distributor cost, guaranteed. The ACDC Voltage Detector Kit includes the detector of choice for industry professionals and determines the hazard to identify that there is no live power.
  • DC50 50 - ∞ VDC Rechargeable lithium-ion 7 hours
  •  14 to 149° F (-20° to 65° C)
  • 8 intensity LEDs
  • 90 dB piezo buzzer
  • 26.5 oz (750g
  • 8.85”L (225mm L) 
  • Life Protectors, an authorized worldwide National Safety Apparel distributor, will ship your order FREE and you will receive your order directly from the NSA factory in a sealed carton 
  • Life Protectors LLC is an authorized worldwide distributor of this product.

Note: This is a ACDC detector kit, not just a DC kit as is shown on many internet sites.

We are closing these out at half or less than anywhere else. Buy now. Only a few remaining in our inventory.

Determine the Hazard
When time is critical, our voltage detectors give rst responders
the condence to go in and save lives faster with the knowledge
that there is no live power.

Tried and Trusted
AG Safety’s innovative voltage detectors advance the safety of all
personnel working around electricity by identifying the electrical
risk without contact.

Have a Detector on the Truck
It’s the key to your safety. Compact and easy-to-use non-contact
detectors activate in the presence of a voltage threat.

Setting World Standards
When the US developed industry standards for non-contat voltage
detectors in 2017, they referenced the invetors of the DC50.
World’s First Non-Contact DC Detector

Launching non-contact detectors has revolutionized safety in
direct current environments from
50 to over a million DC volts.

No one else ofers a true DC non-contact detector.

No Qualifications Required
Non-electrical personnel can easily be trained to operate the DC50
safely and expertly

The Detector
Of Choice.