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CYBER MONTH ENDING SOON! Get up to 15% OFF* your order!
CYBER MONTH ENDING SOON! Get up to 15% OFF* your order!




"Do you ship internationally?"
Yes! 98% of our product lines are available for world-wide shipment. Life Protectors LLC is recognized by TSA/Homeland Security as an international known shipper. For International Shipping by Air or Ocean, we have had excellent relations for decades with the largest freight-forwarders in the US. Since Life Protectors ships outside the US on a regular basis, our team is very familiar with the required regulations and documents needed to move cargo smoothly and efficently. 

"Do you charge for processing international documents?"
No. We provide this service free of charge!

"Can I use my own courier or freight-forwarder account?"
Absolutely, if you'd like to use your own account please contact us. Our team will be happy to help you with this!

"What does Life Protectors LLC being a Known Shipper entail?"
Since Life Protectors is a known shipper recognized by the TSA/Homeland Security, you will benefit from lower rates and receive your shipments in a timely manner. 

“Do you offer Free Shipping?”
Yes, we offer Free Shipping on thousands of products in our store for the Continental 48 States! Large, bulky items or items that include “dangerous goods” (i.e: Lithium Ion Batteries) do not count for Free Shipping.