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Morphix 085111 chemical suicide cassettes on white background


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Morphix 085141 Chemical Suicide Refill Cassettes No Sales Tax and Free Shippingdt from Morphix to your door!! Ten pouches containing refill cassettes for the Chemical Suicide Detection Kit (PN085141)
High pH (base), Hydrogen Sulfide, Low pH (acid), Phosphine, Sulfur Dioxide

Military, law enforcement, first responders and emergency personnel know that the most effective missions are the safest. And only known dangers can be proactively mitigated. Yet, some of the most dangerous threats – like toxic, airborne chemicals -are often unseen.

Thanks to the Chameleon’s simple color-change chemical detection system, it’s easy to know if chemical danger is present. One color indicates the absence of toxic gas. When two colors appear in the window, users know it’s time to take action. No chemical detector is easier to use.