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Silver and gold Lakeland 310-AGLG Approach Hood with Hardcap on brown background

Lakeland 310-AGLG Approach Hood with Hardcap | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

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Lakeland 310-AGLG Approach Hood with Hardcap

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Perfect as replacement items for our 500 and 300 series suits or coveralls, these hoods are designed for maintenance, repair and operational tasks in areas of low ambient, high radiant heat. Winglocks on faceshield make for quick and easy replacement.

310-1AG LG – Approach hood with hard cap, 6” x 10” (15.24 x 30.48 cm) gold faceshield, wing lock.

Lakeland offers heat protective garments in Aluminized Fiberglass. Aluminized Glass combines the reflectivity of an aluminized outer surface with glass fabric. Glass fabric neither burns or supports combustion and offers a combination of properties from high strength to fire resistance. It is a stable material that will not stretch or shrink, even after exposure to extremely high or low temperatures. Aluminized Glass is also very durable, proving to be a cost-effective material in the long run.