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Guardian black butyl CBRN glovebox gloves against white background

Guardian 6B1532A Butyl Gloves 32in Length Glove Box Gloves Black

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Guardian 6B1532A Part number 11909 Butyl Gloves 32in Length Glove Box Gloves Black SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER TO YOUR DOOR.  Black Butyl™ Material, 32" Length, 15-Mil Thickness, Hand Specific, 6" Port, Size 9 3/4 (9.75)

  • Offers superior fit and reliable chemical and biological protection
  • When working with harsh chemicals and gases protects even in the most intricate of situations
  • Gloves are ESD (electro static dissipative)
  • Glovebox gloves are also known as isolator gloves and dry box gloves
  • Ideal applications include medical, private research, government labs, universities, manufacturers, military, isolation systems and pharmaceutical