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Green Fendall Honeywell Porta Stream 1 eye wash station on white background

Fendall Porta Stream I - 32-000100-0000 Emergency Eyewash Station

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Fendall Honeywell Porta Stream I - 32-000100-0000 Emergency Eyewash Station 

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Included with the 32-000100-0000 part number is the following:

1 ea-  Porta Stream I- 6 gallon eyewash station 
1 ea -  70 ounce bottle of Eyesaline concentrate
1 ea- Hanging Bracket
1 ea- Plastic Eyewash Sign Trilingual
1 ea - Instruction booklet
1 ea -  Tamper Seal

Honeywell 6 Gallon Fendall Porta Stream I Eye Wash Station

  • Honeywell Fendall Porta Stream® I Portable Gravity Fed eyewash station provides 6 min of uninterrupted, hands-free flushing. Unit is suitable for nuisance situations such as dust or particle flushing where 15 min flushing device is not a requirement. Eyewash station comes with a 70 ounce saline concentrate which provides 6 gallon of solution when mixed with tap water. Sturdy, one-piece molded unit features simple, highly visible instructions that help you to know how to operate. Portable unit that can be mounted on a wall, mobile cart or mobile stand can also be placed near most workplace hazards with single bracket mounting device or transported with optional universal cart or stand. Unit comes with a large fill hole that allows you to refill the concentrate solution and simplifies cleaning. Sturdy, one-piece molded construction means low maintenance and no moving parts.  Large fill hole simplifies refilling and cleaning.  Easy-to-use design features simple, highly visible operating instructions on the unit itself.  ANSI Z358.1  Does not meet ANSI 15-minute flushing requirement.  Intended to support, not replace, primary eyewash devices
  • Includes: 70 oz Bottle of Eyesaline Concentrate, Mounting Bracket, Inspection Tag, Sign and Instruction Booklet
  • Width: 15 1/2 in
  • Depth: 13 1/2 in