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Dräger X-Plore 6530 Single-filter R51525 Full-Face Mask IN STOCK NO TAX

Dräger X-Plore 6530 Single-filter R51525 Full-Face Mask IN STOCK NO TAX

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Dräger X-plore® 6530 Single-filter R51525 full-face gas mask(Filter Not Included) IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING  No Sales Tax and Free Shipping brand new in a sealed MIRA container directly to your door


  • ​standard thread connection Rd40 according to EN 148-1
  • EPDM mask body, visor made of triplex or PC
  • to be used with all filters with standard thread connection Rd40



Safe and comfortable fit


​A double sealing frame with threefold sealing edges offers safe protection and a secure fit for almost all face shapes. The mask body from durable EPDM ensures a great level of wearing comfort even during prolonged use.


5-point harness


​The comfortable 5-point harness ensures that the mask is easy and quick to don. Additionally, the wide strap design prevents the development of pressure points on the head.


Large field of vision


​The distortion-free lens with 180° wide angle guarantees a large field of vision with excellent periphial vision. The lens is made from impact-proof polycarbonate with either a plastic or stainless steel lens frame available.


Simple servicing and logistics


​One universal size simplifies logistics and storage. An inside barcode allows for ease of recording and servicing the mask inventory.


Efficient ventilation system


​The efficient ventilation system with separate interior half mask ensures a fog-free lens and unobstructed view.


Clear voice communication


​An integrated stainless steel voice diaphragm facilitates good communication.


Versatile use


​The Dräger X-plore® 6530 is equipped with an Rd40 connection (40mm threaded) for use of the Dräger X-plore® Rd40filter series.