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Multi color Draeger R59430 PARAT Training Hood in Hard Case on white background
Draeger R59430 PARAT Training Hood in Hard Case | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

Draeger R59430 PARAT Training Hood in Hard Case | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

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Draeger R59430 PARAT Training Hood in Hard Case. NO Sales or Local Tax and Free Shipping. For discounts on large volume orders, please contact us at 1-800-485-1338, or 
We are an authorized Draeger distributor. PARAT NG Series Hood with Integrated Canister

Dräger PARAT® Escape hoods are designed to be easily donned and protect users from toxic industrial and fire-related gases, vapors and particles for at least 15 minutes. Users are ready for escape in three steps: 1) Open the case - seal is broken, filter plugs release, and canister deploys automatically; 2) Put on the hood - internal head harness and elastic neck strap adjusts the hood to fit automatically; 3) Escape

PARAT® Training Hood Use: for training purposes Filter: Hood comes with a filter dummy Packaging types: available in Hard Case, Soft Pack and Single Pack

Reliable protection: The high-performance combination filters reliably protects against a wide range of toxic industrial gases, vapors, and particles. The packaging includes a security seal that indicates whether the unit has been opened. In addition, the filter is tightly sealed with two filter plugs.

Sixteen years of service life: By replacing the filter after eight years, you will extend the service life of the Dräger PARAT® Escape Hoods to sixteen years in total.

Different Packaging types: You can select between two packaging types: The Hard Case provides splash water protection (IP54)—the Soft Pack provides dust protection (IP5). THIS OFFERING IS FOR THE PARAT TRAINING HOOD WITH HARD CASE.  Both packaging types have a viewing window to check the filter expiration date and the condition of the device. Particularly convenient: The security seal on the packaging shows if the unit has been opened. 8 per case at discounted price.