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Chicago Protective Apparel Approach Suit AP550-(XB)

Chicago Protective Apparel Approach Suit AP550-(XB)

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Approach Suit AP550-(XB)

Approach to within a few yards of flames and radiant heat up to 2000°F. Jumpsuits and coats may also be adapted to be worn with breathing apparatus.


You will receive CPA Part Numbers:

Hood: 0647-ARH
Jacket: 600-AKV
Pants: 606-ARH
Overboots: 671-AKV
Gloves: 234-AKV

Aluminized clothing has a wide range of applications in the industrial setting, especially where such hazards as high heat or molten metal exist. Along with the ability to reflect 95% of radiant heat, aluminized fabrics reduce the flow of ambient heat by 50% versus non aluminized fabric. Aluminized clothing helps shed both ferrous and non ferrous molten metals.


A WORD OF CAUTION: DO NOT CONFUSE AMBIENT, CONDUCTIVE AND RADIANT HEAT! Click HERE to see what is given as a reference as well as vital assistance in selecting the proper clothing for heat protection: Ambient Heat is the surrounding atmospheric temperature in a given situation. Examples: 65º-70ºF in an office; 2000ºF in a fire walk. Conductive Heat is generated by direct contact with a hot surface. Examples: picking up a burner block at 600ºF; leaning against a furnace wall at 1000ºF. Radiant Heat is generated by the sun or a source of fire, such as a fireplace or furnace, and is absorbed by masses of material struck by the heat’s rays. (This is why it is cooler in the shade on a hot day.)