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Multi color Chicago Protective Apparel AG43-CV coverall electrical safety kit on white background

Chicago Protective Apparel AG43-CV Kit 43cal CAT 4

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Chicago Protective Apparel AG43-CV Kit 43cal CATEGORY 4  

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Over 250,000 customers depend on Life Protectors. Brand new in a sealed manufacturer container directly to your door from CPA factory.


  • Coverall (SW-605-43)
  • Hood (SWH-43)
  • Hard Cap (HC-Color-SLT)
  • Rubber Gloves (LRIG-2-14)
  • Leather Protector Gloves (LLPG-12)
  • 15” Glove Bag (GB-15)
  • Gear Bag (909-ARC)
  • Safety Glasses (SW-SG)
  • Ear Plugs (SW-EAR)

NOTE: Life Protectors only sells our kits COMPLETE in unopened boxes. Be careful with some distributors who sell these kits incomplete.