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Looking for Summer deals? Shop EVERYTHING discounted now!
Looking for Summer deals? Shop EVERYTHING discounted now!


Chicago Protective Apparel 600-CX10 CarbonX 30” Jacket 10 oz. Navy (Style B) | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

Original price $179.97 - Original price $299.97
Original price
$179.97 - $299.97
Current price $229.97

Chicago Protective Apparel Mechanix Wear 600-CX10  $179.97 No Sales Tax and Free Shipping CarbonX 30” Jacket 10 oz. Navy (Style B). Breathable, comfortable, and lightweight. Withstands repeated industrial launderings without losing its FR protective properties.

  1. Sheds ferrous metals
  2. Made from 10 oz. / sq. yd. navy CarbonX
  3. Front snap closure
  4. Inside left front chest pocket
  5. Adjustable snap wrist
  6. Navy color

Textech Industries' CarbonX® is a blend of high-performance fibers that will not burn, melt, or ignite, even when subjected to direct flame. One of the most notable characteristics of CarbonX® is its high Limiting Oxygen Index, or LOI. A fabric's LOI measures the amount of oxygen needed in the environment for combustion to occur. The oxygen volume of air, 20.95, is used as a benchmark when discussing the LOI of a fabric. Any fabric with an LOI under 20.95 will burn in air. CarbonX® boasts an LOI of 55, indicating that it needs almost three times the amount of oxygen in air to combust. What makes this possible is the behavior of the patented fiber blend in the presence of heat and flame. CarbonX® fibers carbonize and expand when exposed to heat and flame, thereby eliminating the oxygen in the fabric. CarbonX® comes in various weights of woven and knit fabrics. Knit CarbonX® is excellent when used in baselayer garments and next-to-skin applications. It is very lightweight, flexible, and soft-to-the-touch, while protecting the skin from burn injuries. Woven CarbonX® fabrics are a great choice for secondary protection garments, such as work shirts, bib overalls, pants, and coveralls.

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Custom Made to Order. Non-Returnable / Non-Refundable