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For a limited time, get great discounts on all MIRA SAFETY products!
For a limited time, get great discounts on all MIRA SAFETY products!


Chicago Protective Apparel 564-APBI-50 Open Back 7 oz Heat Resistive Coat | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

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$389.97 - $505.97
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Chicago Protective Apparel Mechanix Wear 564-APBI-50 Open Back 7 oz Aluminized PBI Blend Heat Resistive Coat. NO Sales or Local Tax Anywhere and Free Shipping from CPA.  
Light, comfortable, and flexible. Can withstand very high contact temperatures. Excellent thermal, abrasion, and chemical resistance.

Aluminized PBI® is a knit blend of PBI® and para aramid blend fibers, with an aluminized coating. Despite being extremely lightweight and supple, aluminized PBI® provides superior resistance to abrasions and chemical solvents yet provides wearers with greater comfort and reduced fatigue. On its own, PBI® is an organic fiber with very unique properties. It was originally developed for NASA's Project Apollo, in response to the need for greater heat protection. It does not burn in air, melt, or emit toxic fumes. The addition of para aramid blend provides extra strength and abrasion resistance.

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