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WEEKLY SUPER SALE! Check our Sale collection this week, our lowest prices ever.
WEEKLY SUPER SALE! Check our Sale collection this week, our lowest prices ever.


Chicago Protective Apparel 564-AKV-50 Open Back 19 oz 50 Inch Coat | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

Original price $251.97 - Original price $326.97
Original price
$251.97 - $326.97
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Chicago Protective Apparel Mechanix Wear 564-AKV-50 Open Back 19 oz Aluminized Para Aramid Blend 50 Inch Coat. NO Sales or Local Tax Anywhere and Free Shipping from CPA. Can withstand contact temperatures of 400-600° F.  Durable.  High cut and abrasion resistance.

Aluminized para-aramid blend is a strong and extremely heat resistant fabric. It is composed of para-aramid blend fibers surrounding fiberglass materials and finished with an aluminized coating. Like many of the other aluminized primary protective fabrics, it performs very well on tests for both the EN 531 (presently superseded by the EN ISO 16112), and ASTM F955 certifications. Aluminized para-aramid blend provides a high degree of protection from molten aluminum and iron splash, as well as radiant heat. However, its fiberglass content also makes it protective against high contact heat, withstanding temperatures of 400-600° F. The fabric weight, its molten metal splash protection, and its high contact heat capability make it a great choice for gloves, mitts, safety sleeves and aprons. It also lends itself well to any garments worn where there is a higher probability of contact, or handling of extremely hot surfaces or objects.

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