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Yellow and black Honeywell HU-X1W1H1M1Q1-Y-N | 5 Gas Monito
BW Technologies by Honeywell HU-X1W1H1M1Q1-Y-N | 5 Gas Monitor | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

BW Technologies by Honeywell HU-X1W1H1M1Q1-Y-N | 5 Gas Monitor | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

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BW Technologies by Honeywell HU-X1W1H1M1Q1-Y-N  5 Gas Monitor

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Ultra Portable Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, Oxygen And Combustible Gas Monitor

Note: Gas sensors have a shelf life so we never stock for that reason.

This is a made to order item in which we will immediately send your order to BW Technolgies on a Rush basis.


  • Portable five-gas detector designed specifically for sampling and monitoring confined spaces
  • The first gas detector on the market to feature the 1-Series sensor, with fast response, reliable performance, and long life even in most
  • extreme environments - audible, visual, vibrating
  • 45 days based on 8 hour shifts, every 15 seconds logging
  • Battery run time - 14-18
  • Large, easy-to-view screen
  • Enhanced situational awareness for the hole watch
  • 1-Series sensor for enhanced reliability
  • Honeywell TouchConnect™ Technology for quick instrument management
  • Remote monitoring for an additional layer of protection


  • The LEL IR combustible gas sensor option used in Honeywell BW™ Ultra cannot detect certain combustible gases, including hydrogen
  • and acetylene
  • The application should be reviewed to ensure the Honeywell BW™ Ultra can provide adequate detection

Product Attributes

Product Type

» Multi Gas Detector

Gas To Be Measured

» Carbon Monoxide
» Oxygen
» H2S
» Hydrogen Sulfide
» CO
» VOCs
» Volatile Organic Compounds
» O2
» % LEL
» Combustible Gas