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Orange, yellow, black NSA voltage detector AG-DC80 on white background


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NATIONAL SAFETY APPAREL AG-DC80 AG Safety DC Utility Voltage Detector 
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  •   The world’s first genuine DC non-touch voltage detector
  •  Tester includes batteries and charger, padded hard metal carry case, and air pump
  •  Specifically designed for direct current detection in industrial environments
  •  Senses voltage from 50 to ∞ VDC
  •  Eight sensitivity settings for more voltage range
  • The AG Safety DC Utility Voltage Detector determines that there is voltage present before approaching the scene. Choose the setting to help understand the danger.
  • DC80 UTILITY VOLTAGE DETECTOR AG-DC80 Voltage Sensing Range: 50 - ∞ VDC Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery Life: 7 hours Operating Temperature: 14 to 149° F (-20° to 65° C) Light Source: 8 intensity LEDs Sound Source: 90 dB piezo buzzer Weight: 26.5 oz (750g) Dimensions: 8.85”L (225mm L) Simply point the detector at a potentially live DC source to determine if there is voltage present. The sound it makes will alert you to danger without any need for physical contact. It has 8 adjustable sensitivity settings, meaning the operator can adjust it to voltages from 50 volts to over 1,000,000 volts. The AG Safety is the safest choice, in any environmental disaster or accident.