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Lakeland Cooling Vest CV56 Banox FR Cotton with packs included.  Adjustable so one size fits most. No Sales Tax and Free Shipping from Lakeland to your door!  Working in HazMat/Protective suits can make anyone lose their cool. The Phase Change Cool Vests™ worn under these suits give the user a greater degree of comfort. In fact, it creates a climate of 58° F. /14° C for up to three hours (depending on work environment).

How Do They Work?: These vests create a cooling energy from a unique Phase Change Material that is mechanically sealed in durable inserts. After freezing the inserts in ice water or a refrigerator for just 30 minutes, the vests deliver the constant cool temperature.

Unlike frozen water or gel products, our Phase Change Material maintains a consistent temperature of 58° F. /14° C during its transition from a solid to a liquid. This ensures that the wearer receives a constant cooling temperature throughout the entire two to three hour period.

Comfort is Key: Designed for comfort, these vests are washable and lightweight. The built-in side and shoulder adjustments provide a better fit