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Looking for Summer deals? Shop EVERYTHING discounted now!
Looking for Summer deals? Shop EVERYTHING discounted now!


Piercan 12Y2434-9.75A for Port Size 12 Inch | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

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Original price $48,542.00
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Original price $48,542.00
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Current price $42,987.00

Piercan 12Y2434-9.75A For Port size 12 Inch Glove size 9.75 Length 34 Inches 24 mil Ambidextrous Free Shipping and No Sales Tax! Brand new and delivered by Piercan directly to your door in a factory sealed carton.

NOTE: Please contact us for Significant Discounts for orders of 10 pair or more.

Polymer Type CSM (Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene) Characteristics: Excellent chemical resistance High resistance to Ozone and UV Excellent flexibility and dexterity Excellent behavior against ionizing radiation Excellent resistance to sterilizing agents (Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide)
Sterilization processes (Gamma and Beta radiation)
Fields of Application Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical/Medical) Nuclear
Cleaning Options Wipe with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Storage Conditions Store in original packaging between 41° F to 77° F (5° - 25° C)
Shelf Life 3 years from DOM Glove Disposal Non-recyclable Classified non-toxic waste if not contaminated
Packaging Heat sealed and vacuum packaged by the pair
Color White
Port Size 12
Hand Sizes 9.75
Thickness Bead 0.2”(+/-0.04”) (4mm-6mm)
34” length gloves 0.16”(+/-0.09”) (1.7-6.3mm)
Modulus 100% Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Puncture 18 MPa >300% >30 N Chemicals Performance
Autoclave sterilization + Alcohol +++ Acids, bases +++ Strong oxidizers +++ Ozone, UV, free radicals, natural aging +++ Ketonic solvents - Chlorinated solvents - Aromatic solvents and oils - Aliphatic solvents and oils + Visible Characteristics Mechanical Properties Chemical Properties (For guidance only) P.USA-QU-DTS063_R0 Temperature Limits - Not recommended + Acceptable in certain conditions ++ Acceptable +++ Excellent
Low Temperature Limit -4° F
 High Temperature Limit 248° F
NOTE: As this product is or may be used in healthcare, it cannot be returned as we cannot resell returned Piercan products