Made with Demron-W, provides protection for CBRN threat, chemical warfare agents (CWA's, Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Alpha Particles, X Radiation, Gamma Radiation, High Energy Beta Radiation such as Cs-137 and Co-60)  No Sales Tax and Free Shipping  The High Energy Nuclear/Ballistic IED RDD RED Shield from Radiation Shield Technologies can help defend the law enforcement officer from a multitude of hazards - including radiation and ballistic protection.

Standard features:

  • Made with Demron-W, NFPA Class 2 certified for 1994-2007 Standard on protective ensembles for first responders to CBRN terrorism incidents
  • High gamma energy suppression, Cs 137 reduction up to 70 percent
  • Reduces the circumference of gamma radiation exposure, allowing orderly evacuation and device mitigation
  • Frangmentation protection (V50 rating of > 5426 ft/s for 2 gr, 5234 ft/s for 4 gr, > 4866 ft/s for 16 gr, 3952 ft/s for 17 gr, 2721 ft/s for 64 gr, and 1979 ft/s 9mm)
  • Level IIIA ballistic protection STD 0101.04
  • Reduces RF transmission
  • Shield can be used as a suppression blanket for IED's, RDD's, and RED's
  • 1,000 denier Cordura outer covering, high-strength abrasion, flame and acid resistant outershell
  • Easily deployed in field, handles for ease of use, and flexible

Standard Colors

  • Black and red

Standard Sizes (Custom sizes available)

  • 36 inches by 30 inches
  • 48 inches by 48 inches


With its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Miami, Florida, RST is the global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of high energy anti- chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and thermally protective garments. RST is the developer and sole producer of Demron®, a revolutionary lightweight, non-toxic and lead-free radiation protective fabric for individuals. Taking years to develop, Demron® has been scientifically proven to shield the human body against nuclear, biological, chemical and infrared radiation, and reduces heat stress, while leaving its wearer unencumbered and fully mobile. Demron ICE is lighter in weight and used for low to moderate radiation while providing unsurpassed chemical, biological, as well as blood and viral protection (Certified to ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671 standards). Demron®’s product line currently includes full body suits, blankets, tents, and other products, and is used worldwide by NATO, NASA, every branch of the U.S. military, U.S. CST teams, the FDNY, IAEC, DSTA, Pentagon Force Protection Agency and many international first responders and military teams in Japan, China, Iraq, Kuwait, South Korea, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Singapore.