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Looking for Summer deals? Shop EVERYTHING discounted now!
Looking for Summer deals? Shop EVERYTHING discounted now!


Chicago Protective Apparel 603-ACX10 Aluminized CarbonX Heat Resistive 50” Coat | Free Shipping and No Sales Tax

Original price $14,890.00 - Original price $19,522.00
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$14,890.00 - $19,522.00
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Chicago Protective Apparel Mechanix Wear 603-ACX10 Aluminized CarbonX 10oz (Style A) Heat Resistive 50” Coat  $449.97 Free Shipping from CPA and NO Sales Tax! 

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Aluminized CarbonX® by Textech Industries is a lightweight, and more comfortable choice in aluminized primary protective apparel. It works well for outer layer garments such as coats, jackets, hoods, full-body suits, pants, leggings, overshoes, and spats. The combination of non-flammable CarbonX® and Z-Flex® aluminization provides outstanding protection from molten metal splash and high temperatures. CarbonX® is a high-performance, truly nonflammable fabric that will not burn, ignite, or melt, and protects against molten metal splash, sparks, hot liquids, and high temperatures. Through the Z-Flex® MLATM process, or multilayer aluminization, the CarbonX® base becomes coated with several layers of aluminum, protective films, and high heat adhesives. If one layer breaks down, there is another available to protect. At 12 oz. / sq. yd., aluminized CarbonX® is among the lightest fabrics that can pass the ASTM F955 pour test for both aluminum and iron. It also receives high marks for radiant heat protection, and aluminum and iron molten metal splash resistance, according to the European standard EN ISO 11612. KEY FEATURES • Lightweight and comfortable • Resists both molten aluminum and iron splash FABRIC COMPOSITION & CHARACTERISTICS • CarbonX®, a proprietary blend of highperformance fibers, with Z-Flex® Multi-Layer Aluminization • Fabric Weight: 12 oz. / sq. yd. • CPA Fabric Designation: ACX10.

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  • Style A stand-up collar lined with green FR cotton
  • Snap front closure with leather tabs
  • Snap wrist

ALUMINIZED fabrics are built with a base layer of a protective, flame-resistant fabric, and finished with an aluminized coating. The mirrored surface of aluminized fabrics makes it extremely effective at reflecting radiant heat. It can reflect up to ninety-five percent (95%) of thermal radiation, and some fabrics withstand intermittent exposure to temperatures as high as 3000°F. Depending on the properties of the base fabric and the particular aluminization process it has undergone, aluminized fabrics also have varying degrees of resistance to cut and abrasion, flame, high heat, chemical and molten metal splash.

 Manufacturer of personal protective clothing since 1913. We specialize in producing PPE solutions for foundry, electric arc, oil and gas, welding and glass manufacturing industries. We currently use over 250 different fabric solutions in building our products. They include Kevlar, Nomex, Ultra Soft, Indura, CarbonX, Valen-T, Vinex, Aluminized fabrics and leather. Founded in 1913, Chicago Protective Apparel is now a fourth generation, family-run company, currently celebrating our 104th year in business! Selling uniquely through distribution, we manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE), and offer an extensive line of over 20,000 products. Our head office and primary manufacturing facility is located in Skokie, IL. In 2005 we expanded to a second plant in Acuña Mexico. Having two production plants means we are fully equipped to efficiently meet the unique needs of our customers. In August of 2021 CPA became part of Mechanix Wear, a world class PPE manufacturer.

Chicago Protective Apparel is now ISO 9001: 2015 certified in the Design, Sale, and Manufacture of Protective and Safety Apparel.