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Survivair (EBA) Bracket
Survivair (EBA) Bracket;
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Part Number: EBABracket   

Ship To:
$64.90 Color: Black

Ship To:
$64.90 Color: Red

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Product Info:
EBA BracketIntroducing the only wall bracket specifically engineered and designed to securely hold the Survivair (Honeywell) emergency "Escape Breathing Apparatus" EBA-5 (975080), and EBA-10 (975090).

Life Protectors Inc. is an authorized Honeywell distributor, selling the Survivair escape breathing apparatus (EBA) systems worldwide to industry, hospitals, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining companies, and others.

Until now customers have had no wall mount brackets for their EBA's that were made just for the Survivair product.

EBA BracketLife Protectors Inc. not only is a Honeywell distributor but is the only company that manufactures wall brackets for the EBA-5 (975080), EBA-10 (975090), so that in an emergency situation the EBA can be securely wall mounted for fast access.

No more trying to locate the EBA on a shelf, floor, etc or struggling to remove the EBA from an adapted/modified fire extinguisher wall mount. We have designed our bracket so the EBA is held in place with super strong Velcro used also by the U.S. Military and NASA. Except for the Velcro, our brackets are all metal and plastic coated to resist rusting, corrosion, scratches, and can be easily cleaned with water.

EBA BracketTo order, call the above number or send PO by fax. Or email your PO to or use the shopping cart on this site and pay via Paypal.

Available in black or red. Velcro has a 5 year warranty and remainder of the all metal bracket has a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. $59.00 each plus shipping. Specify which Survivair (Honeywell) EBA you have when ordering.

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