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Dupont TYVEK
Dupont TYVEK;
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Part Number: 93615   

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$105.19 Small - XL 25 per case
TY120S Tyvek Coveralls with serged seam and zipper front
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Product Info:

TyvekŪ Protection

  • A proprietary technology only available from DuPont
  • Inherent barrier protection - not a laminate that can be easily scratched or compromised
  • The best balance of protection, durability and comfort
  • Protection from lead dust, mold, asbestos and many other dry particle and aerosol hazards that industrial workers come in contact with everyday
  • Available in a complete selection of TyvekŪ garment styles that provide protection in a wide variety of end-use applications
  • Certain garments made of TyvekŪ are also used in cleanroom and contamination critical environments (see specific information on cleanroom applications)
  • TyvekŪ for mold remediation

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