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SCOTT HEALTH & SAFETY AV-3000 Full Facepiece
SCOTT HEALTH & SAFETY AV-3000 Full Facepiece;
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Part Number: 805773   

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Product Info:
Designed with customer feedback, the AV-3000 builds on the success of the AV-2000 through design enhancements for better fit, added comfort, improved field of vision and enhanced communications. The AV-3000 facepiece uses Comfort Seal technology for enhanced comfort. The AV-3000 facepiece holds NIOSH approvals across a wide variety of NIOSH application a well as CBRN SCBA applications. The facepiece versatility helps minimize equipment inventory, simplify user training, and reduce redundant fit testing to ensure lower cost of ownership than other facepieces.
  • Top Down Convertibility - Single facepiece for APR, PAPR, supplied air, and SCBA applications, including CBRN
  • One fit test and reduced training and inventory for lower cost of ownership
  • Comfort Seal faceseal for comfortable fit
  • Dual mechanical voicemitters and extensive electronic communication options across all applications
  • Available with Kevlar, Poly, or Rubber head harness

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