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Radshield Suppression Blanket
Radshield Suppression Blanket;
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Part Number: 4235-01-523-9314   

Ship To:
$8094.74 /ea DMBB36 - 36" x 30" blanket

Ship To:
$12618.38 /ea. DMBB48 - 48" x 48" blanket

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Product Info:
Tailored For Mass Casualty Protection And Evacuation! The Demron™ Suppression Blanket is a portable shield offering protection from contained high energy sources. The suppression blanket can be used to cover an undetonated dirty bomb, radiological dispersal device (RDD), or spill. The blanket is strong, durable, and is designed to reduce emissions from high energy gamma sources, such as Cesium 137, and neutron sources, such as Americium-Beryllium. The blanket is 36” x 30” and weighs approximately 50 lbs. It is to be used with standard PPE and allows containment of any source for mass casualty protection and evacuation.

Standard Features:
• Easily deployed in field
• Handles for ease of use
• Carrying case of transport or storage
• 1000 denier Cordura® outer covering
• High-strength abrasion, flame and acid resistant outershell
• Engineered with 30 layers of Demron™ to shield against the strongest sources
• Provides profound suppression of high energy gamma and neutron emissions

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